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This program is easy and exciting for kids to run! And it does not involve new curriculum. Your school is probably already very active in taking environmental action. The GREEN Schools™ Program provides recognition and focus to that effort. Build a strong school image in the community. Materials such as certificates, the trophy and the banner can be presented in special ceremonies involving local dignitaries and the media.

This program encourages students to be environmentally responsible and to take personal action at school and with their families. Classes undertake projects to communicate about or to enhance the environment. Classes then log their project results and report them to SEEDS. By keeping records of their achievements, schools gradually work towards 100 projects to become recognized as an environmental Green School. Some schools go on to achieve Jade status (250), Emerald status (500), Earth School with 1,000 completed projects and levels beyond. By January, 2013, there were 275 Earth Schools (1,000 projects), 16 Earth II Schools (2,000 projects), five Earth III Schools (3,000 projects), four Earth IV Schools (4,000 projects), two Earth V Schools (5,000 projects) in Canada, one Earth VI School (6,000 projects)
and one Earth VII School (7,000 projects).

Our statistics show that over 1,000,000 projects have been completed under this program at more than 6,000 Canadian schools. Join the program today!
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SEPTEMBER, 2012 - SEEDS is pleased to announce that Haldane School in Chase, BC has now achieved Earth VII status, with 7,000 environmental projects.  Haldane School began the SEEDS' GREEN Schools program in 1992. 

APRIL 21, 2011 - SEEDS is pleased to announce that Haldane School in Chase, BC is the first Earth VI school in Canada, having logged 6,000 environmental projects.  This photo shows Haldane students and teachers proudly displaying a banner showing 6,000 projects completed.

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What are GREEN Schools™ projects? Are they hard to do?
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Idea Book: 
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School listings
Find your school! Schools who have achieved Green School status (as well as Jade, Emerald and Earth School) are listed here by region.
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Program extension 
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